Ex.png We have core competence in the fields of electro-mechanics, instrumentation and electronics.
Ex.png We make products which enable safe transport and application of electric current in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Ex.png This business area is made up of companies Technor Italsmea.



We develop and manufacture products and systems which make it possible to safely use instruments, lights, motors and other equipment requiring electric power in potentially explosive atmospheres. These might be offshore oil installations, refineries, petrochemical plants, ships or FPSOs, or in other industries in which dust explosion might represent a hazard, such as foodstuffs manufacture or grain silo


The products we develop must satisfy the requirements of the joint European standards (ATEX, IEC-Ex and GHOST-R  regulations) and each individual component and the systems we build must be certified in accordance with specific Ex certification requirements. The products we develop are technologically advanced and we base our strategies on a combination of new technology and appropriate competence in order to develop functional, safe and cost effective solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.